Textile Calender Machine & Cotton Rolls(Bowl), Jute Mills Calenders and Rolls, Paper mills rolls Manufacturer

::Calender Machine::

Calender machine is used for giving all types of textiles to the polish, density Decrease, and thin treatment by the pressure between heating and cotton rolls(bowl). The heating system of the steel roll can be selected among induction, steam, oil, gas, and so on. The roll combination (e.g., 3 or 4 bowl) and the material of cotton roll depend on the processing purpose and user application. Calender machine like used processing Export units, Dyeing units, Printing units, Like a good result (finish) very smooth. Export cloth (bed sheet etc), Lawn , Blended , Latha, Cotton PC, etc.

Textile Calender machine We Manufacture Manufacture all sizes (as you like) working width
9(Nine) Rolls(bowl),
7(Seven) Rolls(bowl),
5(Five) Rolls(bowl),
3(Three) Rolls(bowl)





1270 mm (50")
1520 mm (60")
1675 mm (66")
1830 mm (72")
2030 mm (80")
2235 mm (88")
2490 mm (98")
2790 mm (110")
3200 mm (126")
3350 mm (132")
3555 mm (140")
Bottom & Top rolls(bowl) like MS Steel with Hard Chrome.
(as you like heating Steam, or Oil heating)
MS Steel Heating rolls(bowl) with Hard Chrome
(as you like heating Gas, or Oil)
Cotton Rolls(bowl) as you like Polyamaid or
Hard Board or Paper rolls(bowl).
Bracket Bearings.
Entry with Cloth Guarder, Metal Detector, Seam Detector (as like customer).
Exit Platter & Batcher with seperate Gear motor with Inverter System.( As Buyer request ).
Drive Gear with motor Inverter System.
Electric Panel.
Hydraulic System.


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